• "Svegliamoci italici! Manifesto per un futuro glocal", by Piero Bassetti, Marsilio Editore, february 2015. The book is a manifesto inviting the worldwide community of Italics to embrace this identity of theirs. We are talking about approximately 250 million people. Italicity is a shared way of feeling, a way of retaling of the world, of giving meaning to the world, and it could transform itself into an opportunity for Italics to play a new leading role in global history. 

  • La rete italica. Idee per un Commonwealth”, by N. d'Aquino, IDE, Italic Digital Editions, march 2014. The antology was conceived by Niccolò d'Aquino to collect and to show the birth and the evolution of the concept of Italicity, starting from the intuition of Piero Bassetti. The book offers, in addition to a short interview with Piero Bassetti, interventions of: Alberto Abruzzese, Otto Bitjoka, Giampiero Bordino, Tatiana Crivelli, Paolo Fabbri, Fabio Finotti, Riccardo Giumelli, Mauro Magatti, Mario Martinelli, Vittorio EmanueleParsi, Carlo Petrini, Remigio Ratti, Stefano Rolando, padre Luciano Segafreddo, Maddalena Tirabassi, Veronica Trevisan, Massimo Vedovelli.

  • Italic lessons. An ongoing dialogue”, Piero Bassetti with N. d’Aquino, Bordighera Press, 2010
  • In his previous publication, Italici, Bassetti lays out his philosophy of Italicità (Italicity). In this book he illustrates, in ten interviews, his message: if the Italic network get a sense of its own existence and value, then the italic future will become a reality.
  • Globus et Locus, “Italici. Il possibile futuro di una community globale”, by P.Accolla, N.d’Aquino, Giampiero Casagrande Editore, 2008
  • English edition: “Italici. An Encounter with Piero Bassetti”, by P. Accolla, N. d’Aquino, Bordighera Press, 2008
  • Who are the Italici (Italics)? We find the answer in this extended interview with Piero Bassetti, the ideal father of the dynamic transnational community that brings together Italian oriundi, Italian speakers, Italophiles, and all those who have embraced the values, style of living and ideals of the Italian way of life.
  • Globus et Locus, “Il percorso dell’italicità” (“The path of the Italic”), by S. Roic,  Giampiero Casagrande Editore, 2006
  • This booklet is a short account of the birth and affirmation of the concept of “the Italic”. It outlines the evolution of the term, and the subsequent consolidation and greater self-awareness of the Italic community itself.
  • Globus et Locus,“Italic Identity in Pluralistic Contexts”, 2003
  • This publication contains the proceedings of the 2nd seminar organised by Globus et Locus with the CUA (Catholic University of America). The seminar, held in Washington in October 2003, examined inter-relations between Italic and other cultural identities in a pluralistic context such as that of North America.
  • Globus et Locus, “The essence of Italian culture and the challenge of a global age”, 2002
  • This volume gathers together summaries and extracts in Italian from the seminar held by Globus et Locus and the Catholic University of America (CUA) in Washington, April 2002. The seminar examined Italic culture in the light of new global challenges. It marked an opportunity to promote debate on the issues of the Italic and globalisation in the United States and to consolidate the close collaboration of Globus et Locus, the CUA and other Italian-American institutions and foundations (the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), consulates and Globus et Locus, embassies



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