Globalization, National Identities and the Quality of Life (2005)

Vilnius, 5-7 June 2005 

After the meetings in Washington (2002; 2003) and Milan(2004), the 2005 seminar promoted by Globus et Locusand the CUA Center for the Study of Culture and Values, was held in Vilnius, with the collaboration of the UNESCO Chair in Culture of Peace and Democracy of Mykolas Romeris University

The Conference “Globalization, National Identities and the Quality of Life”explored three related notions: (a) the quality of life as the human realization of the conditions of justice and peace. Together they hold the key cooperation in our time, (b) national and cultural identity as creative expressions of a people, and (c) globalization as the search for cooperation between civilizations.

In the glocal world, pluralism of identity and belonging is more and more widespread. Integration both within and among nations can thus only be achieved by recognition, dialogue and inter-relation among the different entities that make up the new plurality.

As they develop, such inter-relations give rise to new trans-national public arenas which may be functional (as in business and the professions) or culture-value based (as with religions and ethical systems). These tend to outgrow the national regulation mechanisms and make challenging new demands on the institutions.

The Programme of the Seminar "Globalization, National Identities and the Quality of Life"

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