The Politics of Global Governance: Issues and Institutional Parameters

Turin, 4-5 November 2005 

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The Seminar is intended as an occasion for critical discussion on political and institutional parameters conditioning global governance, and an opportunity to define and consolidate areas of concern around which Globus et Locus intends to develop the activities of its network.

The seminar is being envisaged as four sessions or modules which we believe are relevant to the present debate on global governance and represent areas of interest for the work of Globus et Locus, namely: transnational politics and global governance, governance and the provision and management of global public goods, the UN reform in the context of global governance and the role of non state actors in the financing of intangibles.

Each session will be organized around short presentations and a round table discussion. As an input to the discussion, Globus et Locus will coordinate a set of "issues notes" to be distributed to the participants prior to the Conference.

The list of invited guests attached to the provisional agenda reflects the interest of Globus et Locus in associating different disciplines and multiple stakeholders in this critical discussion. It is anticipated that the Seminar will provide greater focus on the issues of priority for global governance which merit research, and an Agenda for future activities to be promoted by Globus et Locus. 

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