Glocalisation, World Governance and the Reform of the United Nations (13-14 March, 2004)

The official establishment of the UN Staff College in Turin, in January 2002, marked for Globus et Locus the beginning of a new phase of involvement in the project that led to the organization of the 2004 Workshop Glocalisation, World Governance and the Reform of the United Nations. 

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The new committment has represented a first step toward the creation of an international network of scholars aimed at contributing to the building up of a more adequate corporate culture for the UN System, an indispensable condition and tool for any reform of the Organisation that has to meet the goals set for the new millennium.
Globus et Locus is firmly convinced that the promotion of a cultural area and context of this kind can play a decisive role for the future of the UN as well as future world governability.

In this light, Globus et Locus, under its glocal perspective, proposes that the cultural area of reference, debate and support for the United Nations be created around the locus of Turin/northern Italy.

This locus should not be understood as a physical or territorial space, but rather as a possible node of global functional networks connecting up the numerous "fragments" spread over different loci(cultural institutions, research centres, individual scholars) where themes relating to global governance and the system of the United Nations are currently being discussed. 

Turin Workshop

The workshop, Glocalisation, World Governance and the Reform of the United Nations, held in Turin on 13-14 March 2004, has been centered on the United Nations, its reform and on the need for a corporate culture answering the needs for a more adequate global governance 

The Workshop was made possible thanks of the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo

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