Global Governance

Under its glocal/network/functional approach, Globus et Locus since 1998 decided to offer its contribution to the building up of the necessary conditions to the renewal and rivitalisation of the United Nations, starting  by supporting the process of redefinition of the UN top managers common culture and building up a more adequate corporate culture for the UN System. 

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Already in 1998, Globus et Locus found one of its principal objective in the promotion of a broad cultural area of reference and debate in support of the United Nations. With the financial support of the Compagnia di San Paolo - one of Italy's major banking Foundations- Globus et Locus contributed to the building up of the necessary conditions for the implementation of the United Nations Staff College and its localization in Turin.

The Staff College had been originally thought up by UN General Secretary Boutrus Ghali and subsequently taken up by the sequent Secretary Kofi Annan to "provide a common and modern instrument of learning for the system"and strengthen the "ability of the UN Staff to become an agent of change and coherently and effectively achieve the objectives which the organisation sets itself".

Turin, and more broadly northern Italy, have been a particularly significant locus for a headquarters of this kind. The area already hosted important UN institutions such as the International Training Centre of ILO and UNICRI, as well as one of the two European Union agencies on Italian soil: the European Training Foundation. It is the hub of global functional networks in sectors such as finance, culture, education, telecommunications and mass media, and contains the head offices of major multinationals.

With these considerations in mind, Globus et Locus worked hard to ensure that the Staff College was set up in Turin. It sought to raise awareness among local bodies (Regional, Provincial and Municipal authorities, financial institutions, industrial enterprises, universities, research institutes, foundations, and so on) while simultaneously lobbying the highest echelons of UN administration in New York and helping to set up a Support Group for the UN institutions in Turin. In the meantime, with the financial support of the Compagnia di San Paolo, Globus et Locus has made it possible to put on seminars aimed at high level staff of the UN administration (October 2000, February 2001).

At the end of the first phase, of Globus et Locus involvement in September 2001, the Deputy Secretary of the United Nations, Mme Louise Frechette, paid a visit to the UN Turin headquarters on the invitation of the Support Group. In January 2002, the UN Staff College was officially established in Turin by the United Nations.

In 2003 Globus et Locus received the status of consultative member to the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

In March 2004 Globus et Locus organized at Turin the workshop "Glocalisation, World Governance and the reform of United Nations", wchich aggregates the first group that  will become Globalisation and Governace Network.

In November 2005: Globus et Locus organized another seminar, in Turin, called “The Politics of Global Governance; Issues and Institutional Parameters”. In this occasion officially begins tehe Globalisation and Governace Network Project.

In April 2007: Globus et Locus was designed by ECOSOC ‘NGO in special consultative status’.

By this year, the Association starts working on the issue of Regional Macro Areas.


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