Documents seminar 2005

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A selection of papers and documents concerning the issues on the agenda of the seminar "The Politics of Global Governance; issues and institutional parameters" :

P. Bassetti, "Introductory Address"

H. Blix, "Issues from Iraq War"

S. Cassese, "Global Administrative Law"

S. Cassese, "Global Standards for National Administrative Procedure"

S. Cassese, "The Globalization of Law"

M. Dassù, "Collective response to crisis situations"

G. Giacomelli, "Reforming the UN in the context of global governance"

A. Jaguaribe, "Defining and managing global public goods"

C. Jones, "The European Union at another cross-road"

I. Kaul, "Global Public Goods"

L. Levi, "Regional organizations and UN Reform"

E. Luck, "How not to reform the UN"

J. Palmer, "European Integration- a vital step on the road to a new world order"

K. Persson, "Global Governance - A European Perspective"

R. Ricupero, "The difficulty of buoilding consensus in an age of extremes


"Global Governance. Assessment 2004. Time to keep our promises", COMECE, Bruxelles, 2004

"Global Governance. Our responsibility to make globalisation an opportunity for all", COMECE, Bruxelles, 2000

  • "Financing and Providing Global Public Goods", F. Sagasti  and K. Bezanson, Institute of Development Studies Sussex, 2001
  • "Global Public Goods", edited by I. Kaul, I. Grunberg, M. A. Stern, UNDP, Oxford University Press, New York 1999
  •  "Governing Globalization - Issues and Institutions", edited by D. Nayyar, UNU/Wider Studies in Development Economics, Oxford University Press, New York 2002
  • "Providing Global Public Goods", edited by I. Kaul, P. Conceiçao, K. Le Goulven, R. U. Mendoza, UNDP, Oxford University Press, New York 2003
  • "The New Public Finance", edited by I. Kaul, P. Conceiçao UNDP, Oxford University Press, New York 2006  
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