Globus et Locus researches are a result of seminars and conferences, or studies on specific issues realized in collaboration with Universities and international centers. 

Glocalism, rather than constituting a specific phenomenon, is a way of looking at phenomena: these (culture, business, economies, cities, regions, religions, customs, day to day experience, etc.) are viewed at the points of intersection between the “local” of their roots and places of reference and the “global” of interrelations and horizons.

 What we are dealing with here is, therefore, a complex phenomenology which necessarily interests and involves a number of disciplines and crosses many and varied fields of study. Research and projects on glocalism are still a work in progress. 

Globus et Locus has developed researches on different issues, from glocal cities (Milan. Node in a global network; Progetto PolisRisc Lab), to macro regional areas (Regioni del Nord e nuovo regionalismoLa Lombardia e Il Mediterraneo. Rapporto su ricerca e cooperazione), to new mobilities of people (see research on Ricerca Lombardi nel mondo and activities of its Centro Altreitalie), of things (Network Milan. Measurement and representation of international logistic flows) and of web (Intangible flows in the Milanese economy and the implications for businesses).

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