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The need for in-depth studies into glocalism are being recognised from several quarters, as increasingly complicated problems emerge in today's world associated with glocalisation processes. Since its inception in the nineties, Globus et Locus has been at the forefront of research and glocal practises. Today, it feels compelled to act as a locus serving those that intend developing systematic thinking around these issues in a scientific context, where cultural contributions and insights into the glocalisation phenomena can come together and be encouraged.

The objective of this journal, “Glocalism. Journal of culture, politics and innovation” is to stimulate increasing awareness and knowledge around the new dynamics that characterise the glocal reality.

In our opinion, a journal on glocalism that corresponds with the very concept of being glocal and wants to be recognised in a cultural-academic context can only be available on-line. This refers to the ease with which it can be consulted and used by a potentially broad base of users on a global scale, the simplified editorial management, and not least, for the possibility it affords to generate debate and discussion far more easily on the questions that will be dealt with from time to time.

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