Glocalism. Five years of culture, politics and innovation


"Glocalism: Journal of Culture, Politics and Innovation” is a peer-reviewed, open access and cross-disciplinary journal that aims at stimulating increasing awareness and knowledge around the new dynamics that characterize glocal reality.
A journal on glocalism that corresponds with the very concept of being glocal and that wants to be recognized in a cultural-academic context, can only be available on-line. This availability refers to the ease with which it can be consulted and used by a potentially broad base of users on a global scale, the simplified editorial management and the possibility it affords to generate debate and discussion far more easily on the questions that will be dealt with in each issue of the journal.
After five years of life, though, the editors have decided to select, collect and publish on paper some articles that are more representative than others, in order to summarize and show the richness and the depth which distinguished the activity of “Glocalism” until now and which will hopefully mark its future issues online at". 

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