July 2013
24 July 2013
YEX: the Young Executives Committee of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce
The Young Executives Committee (YEX) of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce is an organization focused on networking and business development opportunities for Young Professionals in the greater New York area.  Its members include emerging leaders in all areas of the business world.
19 July 2013
Innovations et Fabrique de l'identité métropolitaine - colloque internationale
La Ville de Paris a mis en place en 2011 un cycle pluriannuel de séminaires.
10 July 2013
Trade Mission in Philadelphia, USA
The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia — or IACCGP — in conjunction with Select Greater Philadelphia, the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), and the U.S.
June 2013
20 June 2013
Artisanship, Technology and Design. Innovating with beauty
To build a bridge between the excellences of the Made in Italy brand – with its extraordinary ability to create beauty – and the technology of Silicon Valley. This is the heart of the project, “Making in Italy – Making in the USA: Craftsmanship, Technology and Design.
April 2013
09 April 2013
Convention: Italicity. The Languages of Italy in United States between tradition and innovation
On April 5 ended in Philadelphia the international conference entitled " Italicity. The languages ​​of Italy in the United States between tradition and innovation.
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