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Founded in 2003, The World Political Forum was the original idea of the Nobel Prize Laureate Mikhail Gorbachev, with a specific mission: to foster contacts between politicians, scientists, high level personalities in the cultural and religious life of different continents, faiths, languages and cultures, in order to analyse the issue of interdependence, but above all to suggest solutions for the problems of the governance of globalisation and the crucial problems that affect humankind today. 

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The current international order has become unhinged and unstable. Supranational political and economic institutions are ridden with conflict and disagreement between their members. The co-operation between states and the new world order hoped for at the end of the Cold War has failed to transpire. International affairs are now characterised, instead, by world disorder, as recent events have exacerbated fundamental differences of opinion across the globe.
The World Political Forum seeks to examine how to arrange the best possible co-ordination of international institutionsand what models for future order are desirable and achievable to reduce these imbalances and differences in the search for a new political space where civilisations can meet and come to an agreement to manage international disorder. Only determined and concerted multi-lateral and trans-societal effort by international actors can avert this spiral of disorder.
The World Political Forum seeks to become a meeting point and crossroads for cultures, religions, and leaders, an open forum for the whole world that, through analysis and discussion will give guidance and provide new solutions to global problems and strive toward a New World Civilisation and a framework for a democratic international order.
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European Dreams - Promises and Reality

Seminar devoted to the 50 years of the Treaty of Rome

Budapest, 27-28 November 2007

Provisional agenda

Media between citizens and power

Venice, 23-24 June 2006

International Seminar promoted by the World Political Forum and the Province of Venice, within the Project Ethical Province

The role of the media and the ways of intervention and participation of the institutions of the civil society call for an in-depth reflection.

From here the idea of a meeting that will analyse some aspects of fundamental interest to civil society, to professionals and to the ones who have responsibilities in politics, economics and finance.

The debate will focus on the relationship between new information technologies and governance; between democracy and right to information, between concentration of the property of the media and financial and political power, investigating the interrelations among the different dimensions.
The information technologies revolution is changing the different levels of relationships, profoundly influencing people’s life and forms of democratic participation.

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