About us

Globus et Locus is devoted to research, policy support, advocacy and networking on major aspects of globalization and its impact on a local level 

Founded in 1997, Globus et Locus is an association of various important functional and territorial bodies (banking foundations, local authorities, universities, chambers of commerce) and is devoted to research and projects on major aspects of globalization.

The Association aims at promoting an analysis at the highest level of the issues connected with the relationship between the global and the local.
Thus, the Association has promoted research, projects and seminars, in co-operation with its members, acting both as a think-tank  and as a centre for planning, contributing to the work of its members and any other national or international bodies it collaborates with.

There are three main issues at the heart of the initiatives of Globus et Locus:

  • The impact of globalisation on governance and the great global institutions (nomos)
  • The impact of globalisation on peoples and on global civil society (demos)
  • The impact of globalisation on the value system and political culture relevant to glocal forces (paideia)  
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