"La rete italica. Idee per un commonwealth"5/30/2014"La rete italica. Idee per un commonwealth"

Dialoghi con e su Piero Bassetti.

By Niccolò d'Aquino, Italic Digital Editions, March 2014

The anthology “La rete italica” was conceived by Niccolò d'Aquino, journalist, Globus et Locus contributor, and co-author of the previous works "Italic" and "Italic Lessons", to collect and to show the birth and the evolution of the concept of Italicity, starting from the intuition of Piero Bassetti.

Journal of culture, politics and innovation

The need for in-depth studies into glocalism are being recognised from several quarters, as increasingly complicated problems emerge in today's world associated with glocalisation processes. Since its inception in the nineties, Globus et Locus has been at the forefront of research and glocal practises.
"Intangible flows in the Milanese economy and the implications for  businesses""Intangible flows in the Milanese economy and the implications for businesses"

published in Impresa & Stato n. 95/2012, B. Mondadori 

Globus et Locus, together with the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, developed a research project on “Intangible flows in the Milanese economy and the implications for businesses”.
"Network Milan. Measurement and  representation of international logistic flows""Network Milan. Measurement and representation of international logistic flows"

S. Curi, F. Dallari (edited by) B. Mondadori, 2010 

In order to help Milan Chamber of Commerce of Milan reform its statistics offices, Globus et Locus has worked on a project which aimed to measure the flows of the Milanese supply region (previously identified in “Milan and its gateways”), via a new system to be implemented by Milan Chamber of Commerce.
"Globus et Locus. Dieci anni di Idee e Pratiche.1998-2008”"Globus et Locus. Dieci anni di Idee e Pratiche.1998-2008”

Giampiero Casagrande Editore, 2008 

Globus et Locus is engaged in a theoretical and practical debate about the globalization phenomena. On the tenth anniversary of the foundation, we have selected a number of the most significant documents and interventions, which put in due evidence the originality of our approach both in terms of ideas and practical projects related to the glocal dimension of this debate.
“The path of the Italic”“The path of the Italic”

by S.Roic, Giampiero Casagrande Editore, 2006

This booklet is a short account of the birth and affirmation of the concept of “the Italic”. It outlines the evolution of the term, and the subsequent consolidation and greater self-awareness of the Italic community itself. 
“Milan, node in the global network”“Milan, node in the global network”

Various authors, Bruno Mondadori, 2005

This volume collects the contributions of Globus et Locus’s Milan Project working group. One of the defining traits of 21st century Milan is its high level of connectivity and close ties with other global cities, as seen in the intensity of exchanges and inward and outward flows.
Italic Identity in Pluralistic ContextsItalic Identity in Pluralistic Contexts

Toward the Development of Intercultural Competencies Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change, Series IV, West Europe and North America, Volume 6

The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy

This publication contains the proceedings of the 2nd seminar organised by Globus et Locus with the CUA (Catholic University of America). The seminar, held in Washington in October 2003, examined inter-relations between Italic and other cultural identities in a pluralistic context such as that of North America.
Globali e LocaliGlobali e Locali

Timori e speranze della seconda modernità” (“Globals and locals! Fears and hopes of the second modernity”)  

edited by S. Roic, Giampiero Casagrande Editore, 2001

  This interview with Piero Bassetti is a veritable reference book for the new glocal world we live in, a world in which we must think globally and act locally. The end of the nation state; new populations that look to the global stage; and mobility as a cause and effect of globalisation: these are just some of the issues touched on in this book, based on Globus et Locus’ concrete projects.
Italic LessonsItalic Lessons

An Ongoin dialog. Piero Bassetti and Niccolò d'Aquino.

Bordighera Press, 2010

In his previous publication, Italici, Bassetti lays out his philosophy of Italicità (Italicity). In this book he illustrates, in ten interviews, his message: if the Italic network get a sense of its own existence and value, then the italic future will become a reality.

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