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International call "Best sustainable development practices on food security" (BSDP)

Expo Milano 2015 has launched a call aimed at the recognition and promotion of “Best Sustainable Development Practices on Food Security”. This action contributes to the establishment of the Expo Milano 2015 legacy.
In the framework of “Feeding the Planet, energy for Life”, the announcement is intended to collect, raise awareness, and share experiences that have produced ameliorative effects, compared to the previous conditions, in their specific area: environment , social and economic context, private sector, institutions, politics, science.
Thematic priorities of the call are:
  1. Sustainable management of natural resources
  2. Quantitative & qualitative enhancement of crop growing products
  3. Socio-economic dynamics and global markets
  4. Sustainable development of small rural communities
  5. Food consumption patterns: diet, environment, society, economy and health
To participate and to know the eligible candidates, the evaluation criteria, the selection process and the awards, you can visit:

3, via Brisa - 20123 Milano - Italy | T. (+39) 02 86 34 95  | F. (+39) 02 86 45 77 54