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Ideas and projects for a glocal world

Globus et Locus is devoted to research, policy support, advocacy and networking on major aspects of globalization and its impact on a local level. 

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Centro Altreitalie

Centro Altreitalie (www.altreitalie.it) is an important center, directed by Maddalena Tirabassi, which studies the topic of Italian migrations. Find Your roots

Italic Project!

Italics of the world, let's join!

The term Italics indicates a global community of roughly 250 million people scattered throughout the world who are gaining new meaning and potential through globalization. To us, Italics are not just the Italian citizens living in Italy or abroad, but most of all the descendants of ItaliansItalian speakers and Italophiles, people from the Ticino Swiss canton, Dalmatian coast and San Marino Republic, and their descendants in Europe, Canada, the U.S., Latin America, Australia and elsewhere around the world.

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Glocalism. Journal of Culture, politics and innovation

"Glocalism” is a peer-reviewed and cross-disciplinary journal that aims at stimulating increasing awareness and knowledge around the new dynamics that characterise the glocal reality. Glocalism is listed in IPSA (International political science association). 

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